The corporate structure of your business determines your tax liabilities, asset privacy, ownership, compliance needs, and control of your firm. We'll help you make informed decisions on such an important part of your business.
Startups often downplay the importance of carefully selecting their incorporation jurisdiction(s).
But you need to know that jurisdictions across the world are waiting for you to benefit from their legal rules.
You don’t need to be as large as Apple or Huawei to benefit from cross-jurisdiction corporate structuring.

We know
how you can best:

  • Reduce your tax liability
  • Strengthen your IP protection
  • Enhance your corporate privacy
Our structuring strategies are deployed throughout the Caribbean and Asia, in whichever jurisdiction gives you the most benefits

asked questions:

Why do I need a “crypto-lawyer”?
Not every legal situation requires an attorney with specialized knowledge regarding cryptocurrency. However, people who operate in the crypto-space often don’t realize how specialized the area is. Once you get involved, surround yourself with other crypto holders, and make it a part of your life, you become disconnected from people who don’t get it, and it is always difficult to explain to the uninitiated. The last thing you need is to have to explain it all to your lawyer. Your attorney needs to understand how blockchains work, how transactions are irreversible, how to hold, store, manage, and trade cryptocurrency, and who the players in the industry are. We do, and have been in the industry since the early days.
Why do I need a lawyer at all?
Legal strategy is not merely about knowing the facts about the law. Rather, is about contextualizing the law to make it work for you. When you are making business decision you need to take the legal dimensions into consideration as a core part of your strategy. An understanding of the complex interplay of business-legal decisions cannot be gained from a quick google search. The advice you get from a lawyer with deep experience in startups is invaluable.
Where should I form my Company?
It depends on your situation. The rules around cryptocurrency are complex and vary from country to country and change constantly. We have our finger on the pulse of various countries across the planet and can help you navigate it. If you goal is tax optimization, minimal regulatory exposure, and convenience, we can review your plans and create the ideal structure for you. We work with some of the top cryptocurrency projects and exchanges to develop their corporate structures from scratch.
We regret forming our corporate structure as we did, can we fix it?
Absolutely. Lawyers are usually very expensive and legal advice is often neglected in early stage start-ups. Moreover, nobody can predict the future, and we have many clients that started off in ‘safe’ jurisdictions that became very unwelcoming places for cryptocurrency projects. Unscrambling an egg can be harder than scrambling one, so these fixes are often more complicated and involved, but we have expertise and experience in moving actual projects to higher ground.