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Why Kelman?

Expertise in Fintech
We have been working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since its inception. Our varied roster of clients includes startups across the globe, governments in offshore jurisdictions, and regulatory authorities.
Global Experience
Services in English and Mandarin Our Partners started during the early days of cryptocurrency and have worked around the world on some of the largest projects in the space. As a cryptocurrency law firm we have a pulse on financial regulation and emerging technology, and have monitored their evolution to inform our own legal approaches.
We know tech
We've worked with startups. We've worked in startups. We've seen it all, and most importantly we understand how programmers think. We will never have to go back and forth on the meaning of 'distributed network' with you. Our aim is to ensure that you understand what the law actually says and how it is relevant to you.
Skin in the game
We are biased: we believe in innovation and want the ecosystem to grow. We will get into the granular details of your business model so we can provide you with the high-resolution advice you need to make your business thrive. When our clients succeed, the ecosystem succeeds.
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Here we share some industry secrets
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Kelman PLLC comprises experienced cryptocurrency lawyers who represent innovative clients across the globe. Our firm specializes in all matters FinTech and Cryptocurrency, from the design of a new project to the regulatory compliance of licensed companies.
Many lawyers think python is just a snake. Too often, lawyers give vague advice, and too often this negatively affects clients who need precise advice on their specific business requirements.
At Kelman PLLC, our investment begins directly in our clients. We work with clients to grow their businesses, serve their legal needs, and protect their legal interests.
Your legal advice should be as globally focused as your software. With offices based in both New York and Taiwan, our expert crypto attorneys provide legal services to clients across the globe, ranging from ICO litigation to advising international government authorities.
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